The Art of Melendez

          Tony Melendez
              1938 - 2015
About Tony Melendez
​Tony Melendez was an outsider painter, one who is not schooled in art but taught themselves.   However, having grown up in New York City he was influenced by the best of everything.  
At an early age he was sketching and doing drawings of fantasy figures and situations.   His hand was slowing beginning to master the techniques that soon became his own.  He was always a perfectionist and a very detailed person.  This is evidenced in his works with elaborate costuming and settings.  He was constantly researching historical correctness and placed the figures in their meaningful habitats.  
As committed to the historical,  he was also committed to using his own imagination for the costuming and sometimes giving life to planets and stars.  
A comment from one observer in a Florida gallery said..."do you know you have Venus in the wrong position in this painting....."
To which Mr. Melendez replied...."what makes you think that the figure is standing on earth?"

Tony's work also featured an element of surprise and frivolity.  In "Music For The Mist" one can see a horse rider grabbing a piece of fruit of a tree through the window.  
​His mind was always considering new options.
For instance, you will notice one of the categories for viewing on this site is "Hangings".
Tony decided that he would create his answer to detailed tapestries that used to hang in medieval castles and palaces.  These works are painted on unstretched canvas and are quite large, some as much as six feet tall.

Take a close look through these pages and see the many works that make up the portfolio of this wonderful and prolific artist.  We're sure you'll find a piece that would be just right for your home or office.
"...I paint my dreams..."
Tony In His Studio
Tony White Shirt
Tony Green Shirt
Tony in the Kitchen